Dr.Sivakadchan, our President  has flagged devotee interaction & service as one of his main priority. We are making it a reality. 

We are rolling out systems upgrade to enable seamless online interaction and deliver online services. The upgrade will provide real-time information, on-line booking, knowledge base and automated process to support your queries. You will be able to track the progress of your request and receive remainders on your pooja bookings. The upgrade is performed by skilled volunteers and we thank them on your behalf.

The upgrade will take up to Eight weeks as we roll out individual features starting from 1st February 2019. To be successful, we need your support, your acceptance that there will be teething problems and we seek your patience!! 

This change is complex and even though we have taken a lot of precautions, it’s rare that an upgrade this significant would go off without a hitch. Please be an advocate during this time. We need your support and patience to be successful!!

You may receive SMS messages regarding your calls. This is part of the new platform informing you of the progress of your request.